Axes & Ales Gaming Club (Northern Suburbs Gamers Club Incorporated) is a table top gaming club based in Melbourne, Australia. 

We meet every Tueday night at Thornbury Bowls Club and play all sorts of table top games including a wonderful variety of miniature wargames, board games, roleplaying games and card game.

The purpose of the association is to advance the well-being of members through the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environments where members are able to gather and participate in gaming and hobby related activities.

 Originally born as a tabletop wargaming club and founded by Viv Chandra, the majority of the terrain available at the club has come from the Knights of Dice studio. All the clubs tables are organised into themed terrain sets, which makes it very easy to setup up a table and to make things much easier to pack away and store.  

Whilst the club started as a wargaming club, we now have people regularly playing all sorts of games and it’s wonderful to see such diversity in the games that are played, ranging across all genres and styles!


If you live in Melbourne’s inner north and are looking for a regular, active and enthusiastic group of people to play games with, come along.

It’s free for everyone … but if you’d like to help support the club, consider becoming a member!

Your membership helps us to maintain the collection of club equipment, buy new things for the members to enjoy, run bulk-buy and discount events and as an added benefit, you’ll gain access to discounts and perks from the clubs Supporting Partners!